Meettoken Project

“MEETtoken is based on a structure in which the ecosystem becomes robust as the value of the platform rises.
In order to maintain the price of the token, the headquarter regularly repurchases the token.
Also, when a participant buys a lot of contents with the tokens, the token price is better maintained.“


A total of 3 billion MEETtokens were issued.
Fund acquired from the sale of MEET token would be used for the development of MEET token and the vitalization of ecosystem.
The ratio of fund use may vary if required vitalization of MEET token in the future.


Token Distribution

① Marketing (15%)
- 15% of the total issued volume activates and markets MEETtoken Eosystem services
(Use for launching, promoting, and listing services, including Bounty and Airdrop
- For the control of trading volume, 1% lock would be released after 1 year and then,
additional 1% would be released every 6 months for price stabilization.

② Selling (30%)
- 30% of the total issues or 900 mil. MEET tokens will be used for sale.
- For the control of the sales volume, the trading volume will be controlled through the
limitation of the monthly sales volume
- In case of pre-sale and block deal, up to 10% of it will be locked or released of lock
every month for at least 1 year.

③ Founders (40%)

- The initial trading volume will be controlled through the sequential sales after 4 years.

④ Teams (10%)
- 10% of the total issues are owned by teams such as advisers, partners or development
- Additional 1% lock would be released every 6 months after release of 1% lock every
month after 1 year.

⑤ Matching Compensation (5%)
- Actually, the compensation shall be made to the holders such as broker getting
involved in the matching between the companies and applicants in MEET token
- The lock will be sequentially released after 2 years.

※ As for the team member/ marketing volume such as founder volume, the lock period
may be extended depending on the necessity of price stability.


Use of FUND

① R&D of Platform(Development) 25%
‌It is used for research and development required for the vitalization of MEETtoken platform such as convergence and upgrading of currently operating Workmeet and the blockchain

② Marketing 30%
‌For the vitalization and to spread the information of MEETtoken, initial-aggressive marketing is required.The marketing at this time includes paid promotional advertisement, viral marketing, PR event and others required for the vitalization of
MEETtoken platform.

③ Business Operations 30%

‌MEETtoken platform needs a lot of labor in accounting, legal matters, planning and sales in addition to development and marketing and the resulting maintenance fee. This fund is used for this purpose.

④ Reserve 15%

‌Along with the vitalization of MEET token ecosystem, there can be unexpected situations and changes in business. So, the reserve is made in preparation for them with 15% of the fund.




Heoun sub Choi

Fair Values Co., Ltd. COO
WM Holdings CEO
Game portal site monetization (Game City)
Nexon Strategic Alliance (Investment)
Driver Service matching program development plan WorkMeet matching program source technology planner

Yong suk Jung

Fair Value Co., Ltd. CEO
SNB Holings Co., Ltd. CEO
China Panda TV Strategic Alliance

Tae Sik SHIN
WM holdings Adviser

Professor, Graduate School of Health Convergence,
Hanse University
Director of the New Age Korean Elderly Association
Vice President of the UN World Peace Corps
Director, Asia-Pacific International Research Institute
President, Korean Workers' Compensation
Insurance Association
Vice Chairman of the Korean Society for
Human Resources Management
Order of Vietnam

Seong seob Choi
Fair Value co., CFO

Information Co. representative
PC Rescue 119 Co. Founder
Online Post-it program, White paper Developer
Game City Co. and many other online game services
Many games exported to Japan / China NI Games Co., Ltd. Founder

Fair Value co., CSO

Manager Game portal service operation
WorkMeet co-organizer


Gyeong hui Kim

(Current) Vice president of NESA
(Current) Auditor of NESA
(Current) CEO of Uridel pachul

Tae soon Park

(Current)Executive secretary of Korea

merchant association-Gyunggi-do branch
(Current) President of Sanbon rodeo
merchant association
(Current)Executive secretary of Korea merchant

Min Woo KIM

Blobs co., Ltd. CEO
Director of KOVEX
Leading Investment & Securities CISO
BNG Securities CIS, CISO

Hyeong Seok YU

Blobs co., Ltd. CTO
Samsung SDS Researcher
Samsung Group ERP Security System
Government integrated computer
center security operation

Seung Hak LEE

Blobs co., Ltd. CTO
Samsung SDS Researcher
Samsung Group API Gateway Development
Samsung Group Building Automatic
Control Solution Development

Antonio Kim

(Current) CEO of DIAOS
(Prior) Adjunct professor of Hanyang Univ.
Founded AI company in Silicon Valley (invested via Tim draper)
Development of nlp algorithm using deep learning
Development of chatbot builder service AI framework/developing the platforms etc.

David Hwang

(Current) CTO of DIAOS
(Current) Columnist and adviser of blockchain
Development of big data based restaurant recommendation service Technical Engineer of IBM AppScan, Bigfix, MaaS360
Mock hacking, security consulting, security solution development, solution QA, etc. 7 years experience of security engineer

Terry Hong

(Current) Director of Clever Geeks (Current) Hong Kong correspondent of MFDS
(Prior) CEO of Seven stars Limited (Prior) Manager of KOTRA Hong Kong A graduate of Seoul National Univ.

Jenny LEE

(Current)Headhunting director of Scoutpartners co.,ltd
(Current) Hong Kong correspondent of KOFICE
(Prior) CEO of TNJ Hong Kong
(Prior) Hong Kong branch manager of LNK Enterprise co.,ltd
A graduate of Ewha Woman’s Univ.( Major in Chinese literture)