Matching Platform Workmeet

WORKMEET is a platform that supports / connects temporary-day job seekers, employers, and recruitment agencies.

It is created based on the real-life field experience, information gathered by struggling through the difficulties
and weaknesses of the current era and pursuing a system that meets the needs of everyone.
Therefore, we have clearly outlined goals to achieve and take pride in the target market of the platform

“Now, the matching platform is not just an item,

but has been embedded in our culture.
Since then, matching platforms have emerged

in many areas of business, including real estate,
delivery, human resources matching, and renovation etc.

and in the future, matching platforms are
expected to spread through most other industries.”



Starting from the convergence of O2O services, matching platforms and on-demand services in 2015, we have consummated the all-in-one platform for workforce, ‘WORKMEET’ in 2018.

We pioneered the implementation of a matching platform structure centered on an agencies - a critical member of the existing workforce management market, rather than creating an online agency that only has a simple job employer/seeker matching structure.

By providing an online system to 15,000+ offline agencies in Korea, the platform can be defined as a a ‘win-win’ and ‘sharing’ system that generates additional revenue through connecting surplus amount of job seekers/employers to each agency.



Work meet system has already been commercialized and recognized by field agencies, and their high feasibility has also been validated because they can be applied to almost all industries' platforms.

By applying blockchain technology to these systems, we want to create new innovations in the matching platform industry.

If only 1/2/3 of the system is reflected in the six-party platform system of the WORKMEET, it will be either an online agency or a chauffeur service system. This system can be applied to a variety of industries by considering the operating structure of industries and companies.



[ ‌Client Server Development Tools ]
‌Version Management Module, Android Communication Management Module, Job Search Engine Module, Job Search Search Communication Module, Job Search Automated Module, Job Search Search Synchronization Module, Job Information Management Module, Member Account Management Module, Location Information Management Module, Introduction information management module, account information management module, authentication management module. We have secured technologies such as widget UI management module, weather information management module and six other items.